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"EnhIncrPromoteToFullIfNoEnhFull" global setting

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"EnhIncrPromoteToFullIfNoEnhFull" global setting



Hopefully a very quick question.....


Will the above setting start a full backup (even if an incremental has been sceduled) even if there is currently a valid protected full available?





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Re: "EnhIncrPromoteToFullIfNoEnhFull" global setting

Can I ask where this came from?  I can find no indication of this environment variable anywhere, including teh 'global' file and the documented 'omnirc' variables.  Nothng in lab cases, nothing in our Knowledgebase


I finally found something in OnLine help


To start running enhanced backups with the next backup, although an incremental backup is scheduled next, set the global variable EnhIncrPromoteToFullIfNoEnhFull to 1, which will promote the next backup to a full backup.




It doesn't matter if you have a currently protected Full or not with this environment variable set


Please keep in mind, this is for an Enhanced Incremental backup, not just a regular Incremental backup