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64 bit COBOL

Ian Lochray
Respected Contributor

64 bit COBOL

I have an application that uses C and COBOL. To produce 64-bit C objects I can use the +DD64 option on the cc command. What is the equivalent for COBOL and what version of MicroFocus COBOL do I need as a minimum to achieve this? I am currently on MF Object COBOL 4.1.
Seth Parker
Trusted Contributor

Re: 64 bit COBOL

I believe you're going to have to upgrade to MicroFocus's 64-bit ServerExpress product. Not being a COBOL programmer, I can't give any details about how it works or the differences between it and Object COBOL. I do know that our programmers had to make some adjustments, but I'm not sure what. It's a different beast from the older version. The runtime is now called ApplicationServer and is licensed separately (I think you get 5 runtime licenses with each devloper seat in ServerExpress).

Good luck!