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Apache and Oracle

Wesley Day
Occasional Visitor

Apache and Oracle

HP UX 11.0
Oracle 8.1.7
Apache 1.3.12

Apache and Database on same N4000 box.
Average about 65 users concurrently between
hours of 8-5.
For mysterious reason, httpd daemon hangs for some users consuming CPU usage.
I've tracked some to the use of IE 4.x.
Any other insight into why httpd dameon hangs
for some users?
Dieter Degrendele_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: Apache and Oracle


Are you sure that the deamon hangs or is it the internet explorer? We had to change the timeout of the internet explorer for long reports. For further information see the metalink site of Oracle.


Dieter Degrendele
The possible we did, the unpossible we're doing but for a miracle you have to wait some time.