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Backup Database to FTP

Rafael Arjonilla
Occasional Visitor

Backup Database to FTP

Is it any way to backup a database (SYBASE) to a FTP? dont have TAPE and would like to do this procedure automatically.

A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Backup Database to FTP

This would not be my method of choice for a vital database but I can at least get you started.

This link points to a thread which contains one of my Perl scripts to automate a transfer and do error checking and automatic retransmission of bad files. That is a vital part of your project and Perl using the Net::FTP module is the way to do this.,,0xe1f756bd90a9d611abdb0090277a778c,00.html

This is certainly not a complete solution. You will need to: 1) shutdown the database 2) Create a list of files 3) Call the Perl script
(after changing login/password/hostname to suit your needs) with the list of filenames
4) Restart the database.

Plan B.

Export the files via NFS and back them up to a tape drive on the remote host. (You still ned to shutdown the database.)

Plan C.

Look into fbackup. If this is an HP-UX to HP-UX backup, fbackup can access the remote host's tape drive. Man fbackup for details.

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