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Do I need to upgrade database objects ?

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Do I need to upgrade database objects ?

If I am doing the following steps in order:
1)Install Oracle 7.2.3 software on a new server(no database created)
2) upgrade to 7.3.4
3) Create a database
4)Import from a full back of a database on 7.3.4
My question is, in the above scenario,
do I have to perform the task named "Upgrade databse Objects"(for each SID)- as mentioned on the upgrade manual ? (As there won' be any database at the time of upgrade)
Or is "Upgrade Database Objects" step required to upgrade any internal structures in Oracle
Many Thanks
Victor Fridyev
Honored Contributor

Re: Do I need to upgrade database objects ?


As far as I know, a db restore via export/import doesn't require any DB upgrade.
BTW, don't you want instead 7.3.4 to use 7.3.4 has much more bugs than

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malay boy
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Re: Do I need to upgrade database objects ?

wow!! 7.3.4 .I saw this beast last 6 years ago while working with Motorola.Basically export/import no need to upgrade database objects.

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Fred Ruffet
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Re: Do I need to upgrade database objects ?

No you don't. You would have done wether your DB had been created betwwen step 1 and 2. As long as this is not the case, you don't have to refer to "Upgrade database objects".



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