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ERD Discovery ????

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Henrique Silva_3
Regular Advisor

ERD Discovery ????

I was wondering what people use to do ERD discovery ?

I am working with a new app and "supposedely", there is not ERD that we can have ( this is an interal app ).

I found out that they do not have an ERD becuase so much change is happening, so,they do not want to give what they have and we only have the data dictionary available.

Anyways, what do you use to get the ERD from a DB ???


Henrique Silva
"to be or not to be, what was the question ???? "
Jeanine Kone
Trusted Contributor

Re: ERD Discovery ????

I am not currently using it, but in the past I have used Erwin to generate ERD's from the database. Basically, you log in to the database and it builds your ERD based on the defined primary and foreign keys in the schema.