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HP-UX 11.0 /Oracle svrmgrl core dump ORA-3113

Liu, yuhyun Marjorie
Occasional Advisor

HP-UX 11.0 /Oracle svrmgrl core dump ORA-3113


I just upgrade our HP9000/K410 HP server from 10.20 to 11.0. 32-bit and I also reinstalled/relinked my oracle programs. However, when I started my svrmgrl program, I got ORA-03113 end-of-file on communication channel. and a core dump. I can not do anything further with ORACLE.

I looked all the questions about this ORA-3113 error, and can not fix this problem. I set up my shmmax to 1G already.

Here is my attachement of the core dump messages. I do not have oracle trace files.

I have a cold installation of HP-UX 11.0, but I have not install any specific ORACLE patches. This does not come with standard HP-UX, supportPlus CDs.

Please help to solve this problem ASAP.

Thanks a lo
John Poff
Honored Contributor

Re: HP-UX 11.0 /Oracle svrmgrl core dump ORA-3113


Take a look at this recent thread. Someone recently had a similar problem here:,,0x25166049dbb6d611abdb0090277a778c,00.html

Liu, yuhyun Marjorie
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP-UX 11.0 /Oracle svrmgrl core dump ORA-3113

I like to correct what I said, I do have oracle trace files, and error ORA-7445 core dump under the $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/log directory.

I also checked the link you provided, but it does not help. My Oracle programs and files are under different disk packs, when I did a cold installation of HP-UX, I just brought those disk packs on-line. I should not miss any oracle files or links.

Those HP-UX software products I installed are:

HPUXEng32RT, XSWGR1100,HWE1100,UXCoremedia, UnlimitedUserLic, and QPK1100, and DIAGNOSTICS/B.11.00.

So I wonder I missed some ORACLE patches for this release 11.0.