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HP-UX error:14:

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Jane-Marie Smith
Occasional Advisor

HP-UX error:14:

We have a new n4000 server and have reinstalled oracle when we try and reindex we get the following
error line 1:
ORA-0115:OI ERROR READING BLOCK FORM FILE 10 (block ? 159903)
ORA-01110: data file 10 : '/path of database'
ORA 07372: SFRFB: READ ERROR, unable to request block form database file
HP-UX error:14 Bad address

this only happens if we increase the size of memory allocated to oracle.
Just another day
Steffi Jones_1
Esteemed Contributor

Re: HP-UX error:14:

Hello Jane-Marie,

I found the following information for you:

This is a known bug in oracle bug report: Oracle bug no. 760608

It is supposed to be fixed in 8.0.6

The best would be avoiding a full redolog-filesystem. The only responsible workaround to use would be switching off automatic archiving and archive manually by cronjob (this is working because the ksfq-buffer-pool is newly initialized each time manual archive starts,
but not with automatic archiving).

I would contact Oracle and get their help.

Good luck,

Steffi Jones
Jane-Marie Smith
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP-UX error:14:

Thank you fro your help I'll pass this on to the DBAs
Just another day