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I18N support in oracle on HPUX

Siva Prasad
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I18N support in oracle on HPUX

I have installed oracle 10g database in Japanese language and JA16EUC character set. All the messages in oracle appear in Japanese language for me. Now i want to create a table space and datafiles in Japanese characters. How do i do it. when i do a "locale -a" on my HPUX machine, i find the JA16EUC character set. How do i type Japanese characters while creating table spaces? If i cut and paste any character set, i am getting junk characters but not japanese.
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Re: I18N support in oracle on HPUX

hi siva prasad,

have a look at this documentation:

hope this helps!

kind regards
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Ben Dehner
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Re: I18N support in oracle on HPUX

When you "cut and paste" characters, what are you cutting and pasting them into? If you are running a terminal session (i.e., telnet), the shell needs to be set up to support multi-byte character input, e.g.,

stty cs8 -istrip -parodd

Also, you need to make sure that your Oracle client is using the proper character set. Again, assuming a Unix shell, you need to set NLS_LANG to the appropriate value, in this case


In an Oracle session, you can change the language and territory dynamically with 'alter session'. However, you cannot change the character set; once the session is established, the character set stays fixed. With the OCI clients such as SQL*Plus, the client character set is determined from the NLS_LANG variable. If this is not set, it will default to US7ASCII. If using a Windows client, the default for the character set is a little more arcane. The client character set does not need to match the database character set; but I think it does need to be at least "compatible", in the sense that they both need to support the same multi-byte language.

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