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Informix VCPUs


Informix VCPUs


We are migrating from PA-RISC 11.11 to Itanium 11.23. One of the application that is running on the systems is
Informix with 14 VCPUs. I suspect these VCPU are doing almost nothing(although glance shows the CPU as busy) and that Informix could work better with fewer. Is
there anway to check the average usage of the vcpu and any rule to decide when remove or add vcpu?

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Re: Informix VCPUs

Hi Mario,

The informix command 'onstat -g glo' should show you the CPU usage for each Virtual Process[or] started by the db engine. Usually not enough connectivity (nettype) is setup, and the cpu's may show unbalanced. As always, an inverted pyramid is what to look for when evaluating each type of VP.

If the statistics are frequently reset 'onstat -z', then using 'ps -elf' output - joining to the PID - should give the information needed.