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Install Canon GP605 and GP300 on HP-UX 11

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Install Canon GP605 and GP300 on HP-UX 11

I need to set up two Canon printers - GP605 & GP300. I used SAM to add these printers, none of them is working. Print jobs are still sitting on the queue. Previously, I set up a few Canon printers, like IR5000, IR2800, IR2200, etc. They are working fine. But, for the GP series, it is a bit different. To me, if I used the wrong driver in SAM, it should still print, maybe printing garbage. I was told to set up as remote printers, but I don't have any instruction. Could anyone help, please? Or any idea why it doesn't print?

Rainer von Bongartz
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Re: Install Canon GP605 and GP300 on HP-UX 11

take a look here:,,0x61985220af9bd5118ff10090279cd0f9,00.html

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Adam Bentley
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Re: Install Canon GP605 and GP300 on HP-UX 11

Hi Davis Ho
Can you drop me an email if you think you can help. I'm trying to get some IR5020 Canon printers working here and I'm struggling. I want them to talk to our 11i HP boxen and I've set up a print queue accordingly (bsd) with a queue name of 'lp' which I believe to be the internal queuename on the nic card in this printer. If you have any config info on your IR5000 queues I'd love to hear it.

thanks . Adam. at

Bill Hassell
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Re: Install Canon GP605 and GP300 on HP-UX 11

First, make sure the printers are not blocked by a router and that port 515 is available from your HP machine to the GP printers. Note also that the GP printers need a correct subnet mask and router defined in order to respond.

Now the tricky part: lp provides zero help in figuring out why communication fails. It is never a driver issue for remote printers because HP-UX doesn't use printer drivers. The remote lp communication is just a networking protocol so SAM just sets up a local queue. However, the protocol will fail if the remote printer name is incorrect. You can try to guess the internal name but to save a *lot* of time, look in the docs or contact Canon and ask them what the name is.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin