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Lawson and Oracle togather or seperate ?

Larry Basford
Regular Advisor

Lawson and Oracle togather or seperate ?

We now have Lawon and Oracle on the same server.
5CPU K370 3GB mem
We are planning to move to a 6 way N class. 6GM mem
The cost of Oracle liscense being prohibitive. We are thinking of moving the Oracle database off to a stand-alone L class with a dedicated 1 GB ethernet connection.
We are running all Lawon apps except HR.
All thought on Lawson proformance please.
Desaster recovery? Right !
Duke Nguyen
Occasional Advisor

Re: Lawson and Oracle togather or seperate ?

We have Lawson and Oracle on separate servers and haven't run into any major performance issues. I found that most of the performance issues will reside on the Oracle box, but all depends on your environment. Our L box which has 2 cpus and 2gb of mem handles Lawson just fine. Hope this helps.