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M/C Service Guard - Brocade to Cisco Migratiom


M/C Service Guard - Brocade to Cisco Migratiom

Hi all,

This is ragrding M/C service guard with 2 node cluster. Node 1 &2. Currently i have node - node 1 as primary wheer my package runs. the other node- node 2 is passive.

We are changing the SAn switch from brocade to cisco and the deviice file will get changed. In normal scenario i know vgexport and vgimport with map file is enough and ive done in the past.

Now what all the configuration chnages that we have to perform in this case the other node - node2. We will chnage the device files for the cluster node also at the same time. But should i do an export of map file from node1 to node also in this case.

Suggest what has to be done, should i re apply the configuration across the other node. here we are nit editing any thing with lvm nor we are removing any pv's or lv'.. sugegst....thanks all....