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Native Language Support

Vadim Tartakovsky
Occasional Visitor

Native Language Support

I've received Oracle 8i on HP-UX B.11.00 on A/9000/800. The host and Oracle were installed in US. Now I'm working in Israel and I'd like to see Hebrew font. I mean that Hebrew fonted data from the data base should be seen on the host (in sqlplus, for example).
How I can change NLS to see Hebrew?

Thanks in advance for cooperation.
Cheryl Griffin
Honored Contributor

Re: Native Language Support

You would need to have Oracle support for Hebrew.

"Oracle8i National Language Support allows users to store, process, and retrieve data in native languages. It allows for data to be sorted and presented in culturally appropriate time, date, calendar, monetary, and numeric formats that are essential for everyday use. And it ensures that database utilities and error messages are presented to the user in the appropriate native language.

National Language Support is a key enabler and a fundamental building block for creating the infrastructure needed to readily share and access data globally on the Internet and World-Wide Web."

In addition, you would need NLS (native language support) files loaded into the operating system. See ITRC Knowledge Base document KBRC00000156 "Topics relating to the use of I18N (Internationalization)" or

"Downtime is a Crime."