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Netscape Driectory Server Replication

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Netscape Driectory Server Replication

I have 3 directory server. I want to make Replication from Server A to Server B and Server C as supplier initiated one. or consumer initiated one.

I want to make it by changing the configuration settings in netscape directory servers on slapd-/config/*.ldif files with ldapmodify operation.

How to do it by using replicaRoot,replicaHost,replicaPort,replicaBindDn,replica* attribute values.

I have tried with sample ldif file as like,

dn: cn=replicator,dc=test,dc=vb,dc=com
objectClass: top
objectClass: extensibleObject
cn: replication
c: US
replicaRoot: cn=royal dc=test dc=vb dc=com
replicaPort: 389
replicaBindDn: cn=replicator dc=test dc=vb dc=com

I want to make the replication configuration with a ldif file.


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