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OAS installation error

Chen Yingjie
Frequent Advisor

OAS installation error

We need help in OAS installation error.

We just installed OAS on HP9000/L2000 with Oracle8i(8.1.5) and HP-UX 11.00.

But OAS cannot work normally, It shown a error while we try to stop OAS by sctlwl stop command.

It seeks the TCP port 2649 is locked.

Can someone give us a advice?

Thank you.


Stefan Farrelly
Honored Contributor

Re: OAS installation error

Is someone else using this port ? check by doing;

netstat -a | grep 2649

If so you will see some output. If so is the status ESTABLISHED or FIN_WAIT ?

If not check in /etc/services (unlikely but it may be there); grep 2649 /etc/services.

Are you shutting down OAS in the correct order ? Possibly something else is using this port which needs to be shutdown first.
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