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Oracle 9i real application cluster. Is it real?


Oracle 9i real application cluster. Is it real?


there's been a lot of hipe lately about oracle real application cluster.
we are thinking of examining this product.
however, I haven't yet met anyone who actually used it for any real life purpuse.

Oracle's cluster sounds too good to be true for me....

Can anyone share his experience and views on the subject?

thank you.

Re: Oracle 9i real application cluster. Is it real?


I have Ora9iRAC in action while in training...
I know that the HP - Oracle alliance people
have implemented it in real life and they
have an excellent guide for it ... I believe
it is available on OTN as well.

However for fully fetured High Availability Ora9iRAC should be complemented with MC/SG.

Further more Cache Fusion has to be implemented with a very high speed interconnect
which is very costly at the moment.
Recently one of our customers was a bit reluctant to proceed with 9iRAC due to high costs and purchased just MC/SG.

In conclusion: 9iRAC is real and delivers better than OPS but implementing it is definetely not a walk in the park
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Re: Oracle 9i real application cluster. Is it real?

Christos, how high speed interconnect do you need?