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Oracle Apps R11 running on N Class w/ MC/SG

Raymond Wong_8
Occasional Visitor

Oracle Apps R11 running on N Class w/ MC/SG

Our client wants to achieve high availabilty for several instances of Oracle
Apps R11.0.3 + Oracle Apps Server 3.0.2 + Developer 2000
running on 2 N Class box with MC Service Guard.
Are there any white paper / test results similar for this configuration?
Fernando Santana
Frequent Advisor

Re: Oracle Apps R11 running on N Class w/ MC/SG

Hi, I don't know if you're aware that for Oracle and
other applications, you can't have them started as
service processes, they require an application run/stop/halt/monitor script.
You should get the
Enterprise cluster Master Toolkit (B5139BA) which is
a set of scripts custom made for some applications including Oracle. Having
this, you can do minor changes and accomodate them to your environment.

If you're not familiar with MC/Service Guard, I
recommend that you take the course "HPMC/ServiceGuard (H6487S)". I took it and
its labs are very good. There's one lab specifically designed to have Oracle
setup as a Highly available package.