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Oracle Problem


Oracle Problem

Hello guys,
I was find the follow error on my server:

alter database open resetlog
> *
> ORA-02288: invalid OPEN mode
> SVRMGR> alter database open resetlogs;
> alter database open resetlogs
> *
> ORA-00344: unable to re-create online log
> '/IDX01/oradata/RTS/redo_g1m1.log'
> ORA-27077: skgfofi: too many files open

Can somebody help me

Ceesjan van Hattum
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Oracle Problem

At i read:
ORA-27077: skgfofi: too many files open
Cause: This is an internal error. The number of files opened through skgfofi has reached the limit.
Action: Look for trace file, and contact Oracle Support

Hmmm.. can you look if the OS has reached full file table as well? -> /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log : file table full ... or something like it..
If not.. there should be an Oracle internal variable keeping track of max files open...
But as far as i can see (i.e. the Oracle SGA kernel uses nproc, nfile, nflocks, maxusers and maxdsiz from the OS?!

T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle Problem

I think the number of open files limit is reached.

Just check using

#ulimit -aS

To find the value of number o f open files limit.

you can increase it by using

/usr/bin/ulimit -Sn 1000

This will increase the maxfiles to 1000.

Also you can do this using the kernel by increasing the parameter

maxfiles ---->This is the soft limit for open files

maxfiles_lim--->This is the hard limit for the open files.