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Oracle Standby DataBase

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Oracle Standby DataBase

I have a Oracle standby database and by mistake an archive redo log was deleted , I re-created it (the standby DB) with all new control file and all the others things but the new standby database is still asking for that archive redo log that was erased. What can I do?

Chuck Ciesinski
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Re: Oracle Standby DataBase


You've reached the MPE group which ORACLE left a long time ago. Suggest you ask the HP-UX group.

Wish I could help,

Chuck Ciesinski
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B. Hulst
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Re: Oracle Standby DataBase


I don't remember exactly but there is at
startup of oracle that you can "recover database until cancel." or similar and it will
stop recovering until no archive is found.

Then the oracle should be able to startup.

- Bob