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Oracle and /,/usr,/var

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Adam Garsha
Valued Contributor

Oracle and /,/usr,/var


I am wondering if anyone has a nice comprehensive list of all the OS partition places that Oracle database installations stuff their special files. I am not asking about ORACLE_BASE,_HOME,_TMPDIR,etc... I want to know about stuff that gets tucked into /usr,/var,

e.g. it looks like:

Some systems have stuff in: /etc/oracle/*

All systems that I have available have stuff in: /var/opt/oracle/*

Anywhere else? Thanks. Also, configurable?
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Re: Oracle and /,/usr,/var

I think those are configurable as long as you maintain a separate mount points for Oracle during installation. But /usr is already part of vg00 and you may need less 1GB space for Oracle.
Peter Godron
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle and /,/usr,/var

a quick scan of one of my systems shows,
beside the ORACLE_ directories you mentioned:

Adam Garsha
Valued Contributor

Re: Oracle and /,/usr,/var

Thanks, points to come later.

Any advice on approach for ServiceGuard installations (as regards all these side-show files?)? Is there a good doc link that you can provide.

Line of thought is that you need all that "stuff" on each node in an SG cluster to allow failover/startup to work.
Adam Garsha
Valued Contributor

Re: Oracle and /,/usr,/var

Additional context:

I am used to SSI systems like trucluster. Now I am trying to remind myself about package based HA systems like SG.
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Re: Oracle and /,/usr,/var

Hi Adam,

My results are similar to Peter's with the addition of /etc/oratab, as well as the usual OS files for the "oracle" user (e.g. /var/spool/cron/crontabs/oracle).

I made use of this command:
# find /var -user oracle -group dba -print

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Re: Oracle and /,/usr,/var


there is also the startup script hich are usually found in:


hope this helps too!

kind regards
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