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Oracle password management

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Chris Fung
Frequent Advisor

Oracle password management

Hi all,

I would like to enforce the password control on the oracle user account. Since I don't want to apply the policy to all of the existing database users such as sys, system etc. What can I do?? Is that creation of a profile and alter the attribute of the profile can work??

Many thanks,

Nick Wickens
Respected Contributor

Re: Oracle password management

Hi Chris

You don't mention what password control you want to implement ie valid characters, password length,expiry etc.

Suggest you take a look at the modprpw and getprpw commands and see if you can work these into a regular script affecting just that user - There are no man pages on your system for these commands but they are available from an old post by Stefan Farelly from way back - A search for either command and man should locate.
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Aashish Raj
Valued Contributor

Re: Oracle password management


You can first create a function verify_function using script $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlpwdmg.sql.(You can customize this script according to your policies).

After creating function, you can create a profile and assgin this function name to parameter password_verify_function parameter of user profile.

You can assign this profile to whichever user u want.

For profiles to work, resource_limit init.ora parameter should be true.