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PUTTY on PC to a HP 9000 server

Belinda Dermody
Super Advisor

PUTTY on PC to a HP 9000 server

This is a followup question. I have loaded the PUTTY product on my PC and I can SSH to my HP system and pscp to the HP system. But when I try to scp from the HP to the PC

I get the following:
cancun:/home/jmarrion/.ssh: scp -v 1044.txt\download

Executing: program /usr/local/bin/ssh host, user (unspecified), command
scp -v -t c:download

Secure connection to refused.
lost connection

Disregard the new lines, it happen with the cut and paste. I have generated private and public keys on the PC. Is there another step to perform
Michael Lampi
Trusted Contributor

Re: PUTTY on PC to a HP 9000 server

The problem with trying to initiate scp from the HP-UX system to your PC is that you are not running an SSH server on your PC. That is the reason the scp fails.
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