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Print at remote location from a telnet session

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Richard Darling
Trusted Contributor

Print at remote location from a telnet session

We are starting to manufacture in Pennsylvania and Nicaragua, and we need to print manufacturing docs at those locations. What methods are available to print to a printer attached to LPT1 on a PC which has one of our apps running from a telent session? I would like to have some way of selecting a printer from the apps printer selection, which currently points to printers setup on our L1000.

Screen prints are messy and when I ftp the files and try to print them from a PC based word processor it is alot of work to format them. They have PCs and an AS400. Any ideas?
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Re: Print at remote location from a telnet session


Just on idea. If I understand you need to print
from your L1000 to a PC (Windows) client. When
I want to do that I share my printer (on my PC)
and print using smbclient command.
For example if my PC's IP @ is and
my printer's shared name is pc_print I use :

smblient \\\\\\pc_print -N -P
and at prompt I use : print file_name.

If your applications are designed to use unix
printers queues, I think it's possible to use
this command in a filter.

(smbclient is the client part of samba product)


Rita C Workman
Honored Contributor

Re: Print at remote location from a telnet session

Here's a thread that mentions several other software pacakages you can use. SAMBA is a good option, but requires a bit of setting it up. These others tend to be quicker and easier....and since distance to the other may be an may want to consider 'quick & easy' options:,1150,0xa3aa14a24fd1d4118fef0090279cd0f9,00.html

Garry Ferguson
Frequent Advisor

Re: Print at remote location from a telnet session

We use a product called Go-Global from Graphon
- It is not free. It has a server end and client end on the PC. It allows a full desktop - from CDE login onwards, or just a telnet session to be displayed on the PC. Printing would have to
be instigated from the PC client end I think.
Its main strength is it uses its own protocol and is VERY low bandwidth. Unlike X displays!
Garry Ferguson