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Problem with TNG and SAP

Problem with TNG and SAP


I know I'm probalby not in the good forum but each time I'va posted, you help me a lot. I've a problem with TNG scheduler and SAP. In fact, we have a DB and an AS for our production environment. Now we want that all jobs launched by TNG will be launch on the DB. I think that there's a parameter to specify but we don't know it.

Could you help us to know how force the jobs on an instance.

SAP version : BW 3.1C / WAS 6.20
TNG version : 2.4

Thanks in advance
Claire Daelman
Volker Borowski
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with TNG and SAP


I do not know anything about TNG, but since other Jobschedulers (i.e. OPC) work by copying a predefined JOB template inside SAP I supose you should edit this template if TNG uses one.

Call Transaction SM37, check if you find your template as a "planned" Job. Edit the jobdefinition and select a target instance for the job (DB in your case).
The field in charge you can check is TBTCO-BTCSYSTEM. But do not update this from outside!

Hope this helps