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Re KBAN00000347

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Steve Massey_1
Frequent Advisor

Re KBAN00000347


I have seen many references to DOC's - where can these be viewed


Brian M. Fisher
Honored Contributor

Re: Re KBAN00000347

Most of the documentation referenced can be found at the following URL:

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Denver Osborn
Honored Contributor

Re: Re KBAN00000347

Some of the Documents referenced might not be viewable to everyone.

If you try to access a Doc ID and it says produced no results, chances are you will need a Support Contract w/ HP to view them.

If you have a support agreement, maybe it isn't linked to your ITRC User ID. To do this click on "My Profile" on the NavBar, then click the "Link a Support Agreement to Your User ID" link and supply your contract information.

Hope this helps you out!
Jeff Siegle
Frequent Advisor

Re: Re KBAN00000347

Brian gave you a good pointer through the URL in the message above. For your information, there's also a direct link to the ITRC Knoweldge Base that's available on the right sidebar in each of the forums. It's under the "Useful Links" section.

Also, there's links to SW & HW Call Manager there as well so that people, if their question isn't answered in the forum, can log a call directly into HP over the web.

What other links would be helpful for people to have from the Forums area?

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