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SAP R3 Sizing

Kiran Swamy_1
Occasional Visitor

SAP R3 Sizing

We are an Oracle 8.1.7 shop using SAP-R3 on a 4 CPU-550Mhz/12GB N-Class clustered infrastructure. We are planning on turning on MRP at the Factory & Warehouse on a twice a week basis and daily MRP runs for our 100+ retail stores. We have 2 550Mhz A Class and 1 750 Mhz A Class application servers.

The database is 1TB and OS is HPUX -11.11.

Any suggestions on sizing for the above requirements will be apprecuated.
Geoff Wild
Honored Contributor

Re: SAP R3 Sizing

Sizing SAP is a rather complicated process...Sizing is the process of determining the hardware requirements to implement SAP when the number of users is known or can be estimated, and the details of transactions are available. Sizing is based on heuristic experience with the R/3 system and continuous performance measurements; currently the Sales and Distribution (SD) component is the reference component against which all others are weighted.

Usually this would be done by either HP's SAP Competency Centre or SAP itself....

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