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SQL within a C-script ??

Paul Murray
Occasional Contributor

SQL within a C-script ??


I am trying to write a small C program which will perform sqlplus "select" and "insert" commands.

Does anyone know of a reference site (pref. with examples) on how to accomplish this as simply as possible ??

As you probably have ascertained -- I am totally new to C-programming, so no laughing please !! :-)

Cheers in advance,

PS -- OS = HPUXv11, N/L-Class Servers.
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Dan Hetzel
Honored Contributor

Re: SQL within a C-script ??

Hi Paul,

Here is a nice URL to start with.
You'll find plenty of links to tutorials ans examples for embedded SQL.

Best regards,

Everybody knows at least one thing worth sharing --
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Re: SQL within a C-script ??

if you have oracle db you can go to


there are several demo C files.