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Shared Memory and Sybase ASE

Chris Busch
Occasional Visitor

Shared Memory and Sybase ASE

We are trying to bring up 2 instances of Sybase ASE 11.9.2 on HPUX 11.x The kernal parameters are set as follows:

shmmax 3000000000
shmmni 512
shmseg 512

We can allocate 1 GB of memory to each instance individually, but get a memory unavailable error when we try to bring them up simultaneously.

Satish Y
Trusted Contributor

Re: Shared Memory and Sybase ASE

It seems after shut down of one ASE the processes are unable to get killed and not releasing shared memory.

1) Increase shared memory(shmmax) to max value.

2) Shutdown ASE

3) Run command:
#ipcs -ma
on UNIX box take the shmid for corresponding ASE UNIX process from above cmd output.

4) Then run:
which clears the shared memory defunc process of sybase ASE.

5) Then bring up servers.
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