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Some errors

Some errors


I am working with a system HP-UX machine and a configuration of 128MB RAM & 11.0 version. When around 11 users are logged in at the same time, Sometimes we get "File table overflow" error, "cannot find path..." & sometimes while logging in it gives the following message "quota :unknown user".

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Re: Some errors


Your system's 'nfile' parameter seems to be too low. Try increasing it to some 6000..

Current usage can be listed using

sar -v 5 4

The value below file-sz will give you the no. of files open/ nfile parameter.

Or you can try increasing 'MAXUSERS' macro which will inturn adjust many of the useful kernel parameters.

In our systems with 128MB RAM, we used to keep MAXUSERS as 128 and nfile approx. 6000

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Re: Some errors

Also try HP's Glance+ product. It can specifically show which system tables are also having problems or almost full.
There should be a trial version on the Application CD's.

Good Luck!