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Someone knows patch for Sybase

Jorge Tovar_2
Occasional Contributor

Someone knows patch for Sybase

Hello Everybody,
Can you help me if exist some patch for Sybase in the Operative System HP-UX v11.11?

Thanks in advanced
Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: Someone knows patch for Sybase

Hi Jorge,

A search of the ITRC patch database using "Sybase" shows only 3 patches - all OmniBack related. Here they are, but I doubt this is what you're looking for. Usually this info is best gleaned from the SW vendor - Sybase in this case.

PHSS_23597 OmniBack 3.50 patch

PHSS_27590 OmniBack 3.5 patch

PHSS_28022 OmniBack 3.5 patch

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