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To install Oracle on Linux

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To install Oracle on Linux

Try to install Oracle Database 10g on Linux Operating System. The Oracle software will be installed at /opt/oracle directory. But,

1) For the oracle data file I prefer to install it on /var/oradata, and

2) For the oracle log file I prefer to install it on /var/oralog

How can I realize this (I do not see the place where I can specify the above information during the installation)?

Thanks to help.

Sivakumar TS
Honored Contributor

Re: To install Oracle on Linux

Dear scott,

I havent tried installing 10g, but in 9i there is an option to specify the file locations during installations.

after starting the installation using "oracle universal installer", in the last stage there comes a windows "file locations" in which you can change the locations of the

datafiles-->*.dbf--> which is your datafiles
and logfiles

click on each file and change the location (PATH) and proceed with installation.

Hope this helps.

Wish you a Hapyy New Year 2006.

With Regards,

Nothing is Impossible !
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Re: To install Oracle on Linux

You should define the locations when you create database. There is nothing in installation procedure for this issue. After completing the installation you should run "dbca" as oracle user, for the purpose of creating databse. in this step you should defile the location of log files and datafiles.
Hemanth Gurunath Basrur
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Re: To install Oracle on Linux

Hi Scott,

Refer step 13 in the foll. website:

Steven E. Protter
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Re: To install Oracle on Linux

Shalom Scott,

All you need to do is take your time as you run through the Oracle Universal Installer.

The options are not always flashing and obvious, but you can define your data locations to any place you choose.

We install our databases into the /home filesystem with our own environment and customizations.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: To install Oracle on Linux

Hi Scott,

To intall Oracle on different Linux version, check out the following url:
To create a database the easy way, start the dbca (DataBase Creation Assistant), which can be found in the $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory. There are several Oracle Datafiles (minimal one per tablespace), controlfiles and redologfiles. Where you'd like to store them, that's your business,

If you don't know too much about Oracle, but like to play with it, download Oracle express at

Good luck!



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