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Unsatisfied symbol

Andy H
Occasional Contributor

Unsatisfied symbol

Running on HP11.11 and Informix 9.21 with sdk 2.8, tried to compile one of the demo programs in informix and get error:
/usr/ccs/bin/ld: Unsatisfied Symbols:

_sys_atexit (code)
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Unsatisfied symbol

You probably need to add libc.2 to your link list.

Here's the way you solve the general case for this problem.
cd /usr/lib
nm lib* > /tmp/liblist

You can then vi liblist and search for your missing symbol. When you find it, drive 'up' in the file until you see a line like 'Symbols from libxxx.1:' - that indicates the library that you need to include in the link (ld) command typically within your make file.
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