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XDMCP indirect on Xserver init

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XDMCP indirect on Xserver init

Hi, got a 700 series that I'd rather use as an xterminal and get XDM to present a chooser with only 5 specified hosts to log into, including the 700 series itself.
Now, I can't seem to get the Xstartup not to present a graphical console with a direct login to the 700 series.
In order to get my indirect, I must log into the 700, end the Xsession either by changing runlevel or killing X.. then launching X -indirect to get my chooser.

I have tried with varying levels of success to modify the Xaccess, Xstartup to get an indirect chooser, but always the direct login appears.

How do I configure the X session to present this chooser on bootup with just the list of hosts I want. A broadcast will not do (too many servers)

It works for me (tm)
Rita C Workman
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Re: XDMCP indirect on Xserver init

Not positive, but see if Alex's comments on this thread might help:,1150,0x4f0a6d96588ad4118fef0090279cd0f9,00.html