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fbackup :: Incremental Backup

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fbackup :: Incremental Backup

As a part of contigency, I copied an archive file(Oracle) to DAT at a defined frequency using fbackup command. I am not using tar because of 8GB limitation.
Could anybody tell about how to use incremental backup to be copied a new generated archive files using fbackup

Awaiting for a prompt response.

Peter Godron
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Re: fbackup :: Incremental Backup

in order to set up incremental backups:

1. Create a full backup with -u0 option
2. Ensure a database of the date of the backup has been created
2. Create your incremental backup using the -u1 and specify the database path.

See man fbackup
Eric Antunes
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Re: fbackup :: Incremental Backup

Hi mehul,

What is this 8Gb limitation??

I'm using:

#tar cv -- for the first I use the tape
#tar uv -- to add

Best Regards,

Eric Antunes
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