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link error 1 (didn't help)

Alexandre Vaisman
Occasional Contributor

link error 1 (didn't help)

Unfortunately didn't help.
Sorry. One more time:

I'm creating a dynamic link library for HP-UX 10.20, which is a Sybase client.

Wenn the library is being loaded, I get an error:

" /usr/lib/ Unresolved symbol: __io_ded (code) from /lib/libisamstub.1 "

But I can't find any library exporting the io_ded symbol.
Could somebody tell me, which library it is ??

thanks a lot
Alexandre Vaisman
Stefan Farrelly
Honored Contributor

Re: link error 1 (didn't help)

The library for your unresolved symbol is /lib/libcl

Include it in your library/link and it will resolve fine and fix you problem.
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Vincente Fernandes
Valued Contributor

Re: link error 1 (didn't help)

The lib files "libcl.a" & "libcl.1" from /lib directory contains the _io_ded symbol.