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oracle express client session dropped

Michael O'brien_1
Regular Advisor

oracle express client session dropped

I wonder if anybody could point me in the right direction, regarding a problem I'm having. Oracle Express 6.3 is running on a L-Class with 1GB of Ram. The client is running on an NT workstation as a thin client using SNAPI to connect to the server. Now the interesting part, the client connects through a BT cell stream ( frame relay) it then enters our network through a firewall and connects to the server via gigabit Ethernet.

If the user leaves their session idle for approx 1 hour, then the client session hangs.

I ran tcpdump yesterday while their session was left idle, there was no packets to indicate the session was being terminated. The last packet I saw was when the session started.

If the user starts off a long process on the server. The process on the server will continue to run and complete successfully even though the client session has hung.

I've look at the tcp_keepalive_interval. Which is a default of 2 hours. I even increased this to 6 hours becuase the user process was taking 5 hours to run. But this still does help and given the fact an idle coneection hangs after approx 1 hours. I don't know where to being looking next.

Any help would be greatly appricaiated
Wayne Green
Frequent Advisor

Re: oracle express client session dropped

Surfing the forums for a similar problem so I wonder if you have managed to cure the problem?

I thought that the tcp_keepalive_interval would need to be lowered to less that the interval it takes your sessions to timeout?
I'll have a beer, thanks