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oracle8.0.6 on hp11 K460

Erik Allaert
Occasional Advisor

oracle8.0.6 on hp11 K460


I have an Oracle server running on a HP K460 (4cpu 1Gb mem) and its running sloooowly. I have a feeling it could be kernel settings. Does anybody have an idea?

How does one enhance the perfermance of Oracle server?


Sridhar Bhaskarla
Honored Contributor

Re: oracle8.0.6 on hp11 K460


From the Server Operations perspective, you can always look at different things. One common thing that affects oracle's performance from the system's view is disk I/O. Look at the following document for tools and tuning.


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A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: oracle8.0.6 on hp11 K460


First of all, 1GB is a very small amount of RAM to be running a database and especially if it's 64-bit Oracle. Secondly, check the value of timeslice; if you used the OLTP tuned parameter set, it sets the value to 1 rather than 10 and that will kill performance. If your dbc_max_pct is set to the default 50 drop it to no more than about 15 with min_dbc_pct set to about 5 (or better still use bufpages to set a static cache).

Other than that, without data (like the output from kmtune, sysdef, vmstat, sar) there is no way to help you. I can say that I have running on 2 K-boxes and it performs quite well.

You really need to use a tool like Glance to identify the bottlenecks before you can proceed. Now having said all of this - the most likely cause of your poor performance is bad SQL code.
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Re: oracle8.0.6 on hp11 K460

Hi Ean,

Try the OLTP / Database Server system tuned kernel parameter set using sam -> Kernel Configuration --> Configurable Kernel Parameters --> Action --> Add Tuned Set , select OLTP /Datbase server system. Rebuild the kernel, reboot the system and then check the system for perfomance.

Hope this helps.

Esteemed Contributor

Re: oracle8.0.6 on hp11 K460


If you get I/O problem
- distribute datafiles/index files
- Arrange redo log
- mount filesystem with mincache=direct
- tune db_file_multiblock_read_count in init.ota
if you still have plenty of memory unused
but Oracle Slow

- increase SGA in init.ora by increase
shared_pool_size, db_block_buffer

there are many monitoring oracle view to tune the performance , please start by Oracle performance tuning manual , to see what can be real bottleneck.
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