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/usr/lib/ call to mmap() failed - TEXT

Ted Ellis_2
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/usr/lib/ call to mmap() failed - TEXT

We are working with Lawson applications with Sybase database and are getting a mmap error.
"/usr/lib/ call to mmap() failed - TEXT /usr/cobol/cobdir/coblib/libhpcobol.1
/usr/lib/ not enough space"

Has anyone seen this type of error before? I have checked other mmap error entries and they don't seem to quite match my symptoms.


Re: /usr/lib/ call to mmap() failed - TEXT

could be one of a few things:
1: out of shared memory
2: out of swap space
3: memory leak causing one of the above.

You may want to check and reconfiure the swap spacxe and/or shared memory settings
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Re: /usr/lib/ call to mmap() failed - TEXT


You may:
1. Control the value of kernel parameter shmmax ( Max shared memory segment [ in bytes ]).
2. Increase your swap space and modifying the kernel parameter swapchunks and maxswapchunks, these parameter control the amount of space that you are allow to reach even if you got more space.
example :

swap space is 4GB .
swapchunks = 1024 .
maxswapchunks = 2048.

conclusion : you are only allowed to use 2GB swap and not more !.

So, you may consider the formulat
maxswapchunks * swapchunks to control the accessibility of your swap area.

3. Use the command ipcs to control message queues, semaphores and shared memory segments.

I hope this could help.