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vip of oracle 10g CRS

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vip of oracle 10g CRS

In mc/service guard, we can manually change floating ip(cmrunpkg)...
How to manually change vip of oracle 10g CRS? Is it possible?
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Re: vip of oracle 10g CRS

The only change required in configuration is to add a Virtual IP address (VIP) and new home for the CRS installation. VIP is configured in the /etc/hosts file or DNS (which is recommended) and uses a logical public IP address. It is used by CRS to manage failover. (For more details on VIP configuration in RAC, refer to MetaLink note 264847.)

The environment variable $ORA_CRS_HOME should point to a directory other than ORACLE_HOME. The installer will install all the binaries for CRS in this directory. It could be set to the following:

export ORACLE_HOME==/oracle/app/oracle/product/10g
export ORA_CRS_HOME=/oracle/app/orausr/product/10g/crs

Don't forget to change the location of the home in the installer to point to $ORA_CRS_HOME while installing CRS!
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Indira Aramandla
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Re: vip of oracle 10g CRS

Hi Eirc,

Attached is a note from Metalink (Note:276434.1) explains "How to change VIP and VIP/Hostname in a 10g RAC/CRS environment."

Indira A
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