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3 fast-approaching cloud trends shaping the IT forecast



The October IT ops edition of Discover Performance explores how cloud computing trends that are already in motion will shape the enterprise in the coming years. Delving into three of seven trends detailed in the Cloud 2020 white paper (from the Enterprise 20/20 collaborative ebook project), the article finds that IT leaders should recognize, prepare for and get ahead of:


  • Cognitive systems as human partners
  • Faster, more flexible computation
  • Automated systems that provide insight to help humans


The article predicts that cognitive systems will be used “to manage utilities, emergency services, and crime prevention,” as well as optimize supply chains to the point where enterprises can track down the position of every item in the chain. Flexibility and speed will also be key in the cloud of 2020. “IT management in 2020 will be very good at flexing,” the article notes, “adjusting to peak demands that could be 20, 50, or 100 times the normal run rate.” These systems will also be self-healing and self-adjusting, as with today’s run-book automation, but in the future those capabilities will programmed during development, not stove-piped on after the fact. Finally, as human attention spans become ever more taxed in our increasingly data-drenched future, automated systems will rely on micro-segmentation to target information based on user needs.


Read the article Your cloud forecast: 3 fast-approaching trends to get the full story of how these trends will take shape, how the cloud is transforming how you do business, and how you can innovate. For insight into other trends—from the personalized power of the cloud, security and privacy concerns, and the vanishing-yet-vital IT department—check out the Cloud 2020 white paper, or visit

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Alec Wagner is a longtime writer & editor, enterprise IT insider, and (generally) fearless digital nomad.

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