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4 New Perspectives: Part 2 – Automating Automation and Mobilizing your Enterprise


In my last post I introduced two of the four new perspectives I gained from meeting customers at our Discover user conference in Las Vegas. Hearing some of the latest use cases directly from customers during the event reinforced my understanding of the value of both Service Virtualization and Operations Analytics.


In this post I will complete the picture by sharing the other two “Penny Dropping” highlights and hope they have the same impact on you!


Penny Dropper No.3 – Automating Automation

We have been automating parts of the datacenter for as long as I can remember. However, it is only when you hear about the scale of some of our customer’s datacenters that you really understand why deeper automation has moved so high up the agenda for many IT departments.


It was staggering to learn that there are as many as half a million datacenters in the world, particularly when you consider the wealth of software and hardware in each one and how dynamic datacenter configurations have become. Hearing customers talk about the sheer scale of the administration required and the number of requests for change they receive is simply jaw dropping. So why has automation not penetrated the datacenter environment further?


One of the main problems in fully automating these vast server farms has been the complex processes required just to set them up. So when I heard we had taken our own Server Automation solution and turned it into a “Virtual Appliance” the penny dropped again.


By creating a ready-to-run virtual image, Server Automation lowers the entry point for automation, by simply compressing the time to get up and running -from days to less than an hour. You can see for yourself how easy our newly packaged Server Automation Standard Edition is to get up and running in this short video.


We can now help deliver faster time to value to those half a million datacenters by reducing the time required for processes such as provisioning, patching, software installation, auditing and compliance IT teams are now spared repetitive tasks and freed up to be to be more strategic.  I have to selfishly admit, the business opportunity for us at HP Software is colossal.


The thought of automating just one per cent of those half a million datacenters, was certainly enough to make another penny drop! My new call to action is “let’s automate EMEA”.


Penny Dropper No.4 – Truly Mobile EnterpriseRFblogpic.jpg

The final theme I took away from Discover was the extent to which mobile is impacting the wider market, from both a technology sense (phones, tablets and phablets) and an enterprise perspective of the mobile workforce and BYOD.  


IT has often been still seen as the villain in the BYOD movement, limiting employees to traditional enterprise-grade applications. These are often viewed as slower and less engaging when compared to the look and feel of the applications they enjoy at home. The penny really dropped for me when I learnt about the challenges our internal HP teams faced in connecting our 150,000 employees on mobile devices to the enterprise applications at the heart of their work.


It was fascinating to learn how we have started to tackle the problem ourselves - we set HP’s Enterprise Architecture team the goal of providing our employees with flawless enterprise apps which our people actively want to use. I was already aware of the issues created by the proliferation of devices, screen sizes, operating systems and operating system versions – but I had thought much less about the challenges of getting these applications to collaborate, including the security and back end integration issues facing developers.  


This was the driving force behind HP Anywhere, our mobile app platform designed specifically for the enterprise. It was only when I saw our own team talking about the above issues that I began to understand its full power. Now developers can create brand new applications, or add mobile front-ends to legacy applications, which engage users across multiple devices and operating systems from a single environment. HP Anywhere also offers seamless data connectivity and creates a separate enterprise environment for employees alongside their personal applications - a big step forward for BYOD. You can learn more about it in this video.


My next post will cover the unusual, if timely, subject of vacations. Before we get there, why not share your own lessons from Discover or tech trend predictions below?


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Rafael Brugnini (Rafa) joined HP in 1996 and has more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in the IT industry. He lives in Madrid with family, and in his spare time he enjoys windsurfing.

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