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A new IT operating model for the digital age (Part 2 of 2)


By Erik van Busschbach

In our global transformation practice the most common challenges customers raise are:

  • We are investing in cloud, DevOps, brokerage, while maintaining the core, but we can’t seem to reap the expected benefits from all our initiatives
  • We are too busy and unsure where to make the next investment that yields tangible results while being a solid stepping-stone to the next
  • Show me how prescriptive standards can guide my transformation of the IT operating model

Knowing where to start fixing the value chain requires a surgical approach. For this, we created the HPE Software IT value chain lens which combines IT4IT and Agile in one integrated approach. It helps customers validate priorities and identify problem root causes in context of the bigger picture. This leads to create a roadmap of tactical improvements, which iteratively drive incremental value and demonstrable results. This lens allows us to design the minimum viable incremental improvement of the IT Value chain, quickly zooming in on the biggest pain point, and remediate this with the least amount of effort possible, so we can deliver quick results. The iterative approach effectively turns this into a continuous improvement program.



This may seem trivial, however, many times we have encountered customers who started a continuous improvement program, creating massive multi-dimensional spreadsheets, confirming what they already knew: they have too many overlapping tools, conflicting processes and no effective way to untangle themselves from their own complexities.

An example from a recent client engagement shows the power of using the IT Value Chain lens and the importance of keeping an open mind when looking for the root-cause and prioritizing solution use cases:

  • The business was under pressure by customer complaints related to a number of recent security incidents and priority was put on making services safer to use.
  • Long mean time to repair was blamed on inaccurate information in helpdesk operations and security event detection.
  • Closer investigation revealed that untested features were released to production, compromising security and affecting agility.
  • Looking further, showed that automated testing was severely restricted by long provisioning times of test environments, because automated provisioning was lacking due to frequently changing requirements, and poor onboarding of 3rd party multi-sourced cloud infrastructure services.
  • Additionally, the teams were unable to collaborate due to process misalignment, inadequate technology integration and time pressure to rapidly release new features.

This process showed the customer what the real value chain was. It highlighted precisely were the issues were, how one issue affected another and allowed them to prioritize a backlog of improvements. They implemented a mix of use cases using from the HPE Service Broker, HPE DevOps and HPE Cloud offerings which introduced people, processes and technology improvements.

IT4IT brings a new context - the customer centric value chain - into the life of IT professionals. To help people understand this new context we have created the IT4IT Model Office Demonstrator. It is used to walk through the solution, touching on the interaction between the prioritized use cases and the underpinning technologies. Like a flight simulator, it shows what a customer centric, hybrid IT means – and how you can use IT4IT to optimize your value chain.

To learn more go to

HPE and IT4IT were named Architecture Methodology winner at the ICMG  Global Awards 2016.

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shirish c

nice article


Great blog Erik and its great to see how useful IT4IT is and how it can be applied to all the Challanges IT faces today 

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