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A step-by-step approach to the cloud


The goal of most IT shops is the same: Be more responsive to the business. This can put a lot of pressure on Ops leaders, which is why many of them look to the cloud. After all, strategic use of the cloud offers savings, flexibility and responsiveness. But Ops teams must keep in mind that ill-considered implementations can lead to no improvement or, worse yet, a lot of pain and rework.  

A successful move from a traditional IT environment to a cloud-enabled data center is taken step-by-step and measured the whole way through, as doing so involves many technology and process changes. Because of this, it’s important to have a long-term vision for how you’re incorporating the opportunities of cloud.


Are you ready to take the steps toward a truly cloud-enabled data center? Here are four steps to get you on your way, as published in this month’s Discover Performance newsletter.


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Jillian Kurvers is a writer and editor who enjoys writing about, and using, technology. She also dabbles in social media.


Jillian, Great post that provides a simplified view of the key steps to be taken to go to the cloud.   Especially your comment that "it is important to have a long-term vision for how you’re incorporating the opportunities of cloud", resonates with me.  It brings home the strategic measures that need to be taken in advance before taking the administrative and academic steps of going Iaas, SaaS etc.  Forbes Blogger, Joe McKendrick expands on one of my other posts in this space in this article on Cloud Computing being a game change for your company.



Connect with Nadhan on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.

Nadhan, thanks for your comment and for providing the link the Forbes article where your insights are featured. Your points are well taken, especially as you are quoted saying that the “absence of an SOA strategy is likely to result in the uncontrolled proliferation of unstructured services across the enterprise.” It’s important to remember that applications need to be thought of as services that are delivered to the business—and that they can end up duplicated (causing inefficiencies and expenses) if there is no strategy in place.
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