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A year of technological innovation: How do we store it?



As a new year begins, we reflect on 2016. It was a year of bDataStoragePic.PNGreakthrough technologies. As a result of the innovation, it was also a year full of questions about how to store the growing amount of data that the enterprise depends on. HPE’s Enterprise.NXT featured advice from the experts on data storage and management, including the following articles. They provide storage guidance and food for thought.

What’s the future of data storage?

Storage planning today means investing in an ecosystem that supports multiple technologies. The winning vendors will create integrated delivery models that obviate the differences between particular technologies.

Decision guide: Public cloud versus on-prem storage

Choosing where to host workload – on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid mix of both -- requires careful analysis. Here are the most important questions to ask and how to make hosting decisions that meet your specific needs.



HPE Business Insights is merging with Enterprise.NXT, a thought leadership platform featuring cutting-edge advice from leading IT and business strategy experts, along with insightful, in-depth reporting on the latest trends in enterprise technology.

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My work at HPE gives me a way to share my passion for emerging technology. I love connecting people to innovation, and sharing stories that help others engage with and understand the world around them. I'm a digital nomad, often found traveling with my micro companion KC, a 10-pound mini Dachshund.

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