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Accelerate your DevOps transformation at HPE Discover 2016 Las Vegas


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By Kan Tang, HPE Distinguished Technologist and WW DevOps CTO, HPE Software Services

I was recently in Korea for a meeting of CIOs to talk to them about DevOps. For this event, we broke our usual attendance records by 30 percent. The interest among CIOs is remarkable, but in some ways unsurprising. Why? Because everyone realizes that DevOps is the way to deliver better, more secure applications at greater speed. And when it comes to the Idea Economy, DevOps is absolutely essential to unlocking innovation that will enable enterprises to compete and thrive.  

There’s a sense of urgency around DevOps these days. I know my travel schedule reflects it—I’m doing transformation workshops in two countries before I head to Las Vegas for HPE Discover 2016 to talk with customers about DevOps. But even as DevOps goes mainstream in the enterprise, HPE is evolving and refining its DevOps offerings to better help you reach your goals.

Here is some of what’s new about DevOps at Discover Vegas.


The DevOps operating model

According to a recent Gartner survey on DevOps adoption, challenges related to DevOps adoption are 50% people, 37% process, and only 8% technology (Source: Gartner, “Survey Analysis: DevOps Adoption Survey Results,” September 2015). You cannot afford to ignore the organizational and cultural change aspects of DevOps. That’s why HPE Software Services has created a DevOps Operating Model to address DevOps transformation, taking a holistic view of the people, process, and technology changes of DevOps. 

I’ll be speaking about cultural and organizational aspects in context of the overall DevOps Operating Model at this Discussion Forum session: Creating a collaborative culture for winning with DevOps (DF8221). Here’s a preview of the operating model I’ll be discussing:

DevOps operating model.png



New dimensions of DevOps KPI metrics

One way to accelerate DevOps adoption in the enterprise is to report on its success. At HPE Discover London last year, HPE Software Services unveiled its recommendations for DevOps metrics, including KPIs to demonstrate increased velocity, quality, and productivity. Six months later we have refined and expanded those KPIs, as well as added new ones to address security. These dimensions are interrelated: improvement in one area will positively impact the others. So as you increase velocity, you also improve quality and productivity, while at the same time reducing the number of vulnerabilities your software changes can introduce in your systems.  

I’ll be talking about DevOps KPI metrics in my session on June 7 at 5:30 p.m. PDT, If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it (DF8025). Please come by to hear more about how tracking DevOps KPIs can help your initiatives succeed.


DevOps Model Office

See how our DevOps solutions work in a live environment—along with pre-loaded DevOps metrics and integrated user stories—in our DevOps Model Office. We’ve built these demos to show a real run-time environment, so you can experience continuous integration and testing, continuous delivery and deployment, continuous operations, continuous assessment, and now continuous security.  Highlights include expanded DevOps KPI dashboards, security, integration with Service Broker, and many more (you can see one of the dashboard views below).

Stop by the Transformation Zone to try out the DevOps Model Office (Demo409).

Speed of deployment.png

Sessions, Transformation Workshops, and more

Earlier in this post I mentioned our DevOps Transformation Workshops. These are particularly valuable sessions at Discover. We take what’s usually a day-long workshop and condense it so that in a short amount of time, you can walk away with a keen understanding of your situation, your pain points, and how DevOps solutions can help.

Our approach to DevOps is grounded in the IT Value Chain, so we pay particular attention to how DevOps can deliver value and help you meet business and IT priorities. Sign up for a Transformation Workshop and come away with a roadmap for success.

See you in Las Vegas!


Kan Tang is an HPE Distinguished Technologist and WW DevOps CTO with HPE Software Services. Follow her on Twitter at @KanTang1837 or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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