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Announcing HP Propel: Choice without Compromise


Guest post by June Manley, Product Marketing, Service Portfolio Management, HP Software



Is IT service management lagging behind to meet the needs of the business users? It certainly appears that way. If your IT department is like most inside large companies, it’s focused on the growing complexity of point solutions, dozens of systems, multiple suppliers and siloed IT processes, and struggling to keep pace with the business users IT service needs.


Lines of Business (LoB) are frustrated, and they’ve begun taking matters into their own hands. They increasingly implement and deliver IT services that they source themselves. IT organizations control a diminishing share of the IT supply chain, and the costs are high: in a 2012 survey of information technology managers by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 47 percent of respondents said that at least half of corporate IT spending was now shadow IT.


Staying relevant by becoming responsive

IT departments must find a way to not only control those costs and risks but also accelerate the delivery of new services and onboard services sourced by LoB’s. They need to consolidate the explosion of multiple service providers in order to more quickly resolve incidents across a sprawling, diverse IT supply chain.


But if IT is to successfully regain control securely across the enterprise, it must also offer business users a better service experience. IT needs to deliver the kind of instant and mobile access to information and services that business users have come to expect as consumers.


Creating a one-stop portal for IT Service

What if you could transform the perception of your IT department overnight with an intuitive, friendly, online consumer-oriented portal that delivers IT services, the way the business users want it??


That is the vision behind HP Propel, a new solution that we are announcing today.


HP Propel is the first ITSM framework of its kind, transforming IT into a true Services Broker. Powered by an online services exchange, it delivers fully integrated services through a single, consumer-friendly cloud-based portal to end users, without requiring that you replace back-end systems or processes.


But I think the best part may be this: with HP Propel you are able to jump-start your transformation with a free cloud-based solution.



Success by the numbers

HP Propel can reduce associated service desk activities by 15 percent and management of supply chain suppliers by 50 percent. It can help shift IT from being reactive and tactical to a more efficient organization that drives business value and innovation.


Here are just some of the results from two early adopters:


  • A large global energy company improved speed in onboarding new employees from 20-40 percent, reduced manual service desk activities by nearly 40 percent, and aggregated multiple catalogs containing 30,000 items to a single catalog with a 1,000 items. As a result, employee satisfaction increased by an average of 20 percent.
  • A European branch of government reduced its management of multiple suppliers by 50 percent by enabling open integrations versus point-to-point integrations.


Transforming ITSM from front to back


There are two primary transformative advances with HP Propel. First on the front-end, a simplified and personalized portal (Figure 1) offers end-users a single, one-stop shop for all IT Services with a new consumerized shopping experience that they won’t want to bypass.

 HP Propel Portal.png


Fig. 1: HP Propel portal


Secondly, HP Propel also helps you transform your back-end catalog operations and IT supply chain by aggregating and consolidating multiple supplier catalogs into a single manageable system, often reducing your catalog sprawl by more than 10 times.


As part of the free cloud-based solution, HP even includes a catalog of the most common IT services to get you started. Propel is open and extensible with the ability to add catalogs and services as needed.


Integration across the service lifecycle

Finally, IT will be able to seamlessly integrate existing investments into an advanced services framework. The HP Service Exchange is our unique approach to delivering IT Service Brokering, enabling integration across every step of the service lifecycle. By integrating existing technology into a single Propel Service Exchange, you will be able to eliminate the cost of forklift replacements of existing solutions, as well as the cost of service disruptions as you transition to the new style of IT.


Learn more

Discover how to shift your IT organization to become true IT Service Brokers, and find out what immediate impact a fully-integrated ITSM framework can have on your organization.



Visit for more information, and be sure to visit us in HP Discover Barcelona at Booth 4602b, where we will have a demo and product experts there to answering your questions.

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Herve Meslin
Looks great does HP Propel compare with HP SM9 Service Request Catalog (SRC), like what do you do if you already have SRC? is HP Propel a complement , a replacement? If they are different how would you recommend one over the other one and why? seeking clarity thanks heaps
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