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Art-nouveau: IT matters to the business … at HP Discover Barcelona 2013


Next week, December 10-12, to be precise, will see the latest installment of HP Discover EMEA. This time, it will take place in the breathtaking environment of the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona.  There will be over 600 speakers – customers, partners and HP, more than 800 breakout sessions to choose from, and literally dozens of demo stations.


And there’s one Ariadne’s thread that runs through all three days:  It is no longer about IT being “them over there”, the nerds and IT geeks. It’s about us. It’s about the business. Finally, the business side has come to agree that IT matters. No matter what business you’re in, it is powered by IT. But not just “an” IT – but your IT.


“Fine”, you might think, “but we are not at level playground. We still don’t understand each other.”


Truth is, the business side works along strategies and objectives, looks at red/amber/green status of achievements and works with monetary budgets where you can relate even the tiniest activity to a cost and a revenue contribution.

IT, however, works along servers and services. It looks at availability, latency, capacity, response time, and virtualization. IT can drill down to the tiniest configuration item or data unit to identify where this particular item is located.


This is like a couple that drifted apart. One thinks the other is superficial while the latter thinks the first is only talking problems. Though they may be flirting with others (public cloud services, serving other businesses), divorce is not an option. They have strong positive emotions for each other. They intrinsically understand each other.


A real-live couple would probably see a marriage counselor to rejuvenate the love that once has been. Business and IT have other means. To level the playground you could use a so-called “IT Balanced Scorecard” that combines the business view with the IT view. For this purpose we at HP developed the IT Executive Scorecard. It allows you to match IT performance to business objectives, and eventually cost and value creation.


At HP Discover you will be able to learn about the latest release of the IT Executive Scorecard, version 9.41, with a new, stunning visual experience. The IT Executive Scorecard will be demoed live and in action at multiple booths - showing how it can elevate IT’s performance information to the business, both in financial and non-financial aspects.  All demos will be shown in the HP Software Pavilion in Hall 4.


A second step to demonstrate who much IT and business are intertwined today is by applying the IT Value Chain concept to your IT. HP business researchers worked with a consortium of Fortune 500 companies to develop a generic set of four value streams. These value streams demonstrate how IT participates in organizational value creation. Together, they form the IT Value Chain.


If you would like to see and discuss the IT Value Chain, please make your way to the HP Software Pavilion in Hall 4 at HP Discover in Barcelona. There is a dedicated IT Value Chain demo station available all throughout the event


But that’s not all.  We have some great Discussion Forums and Breakout Sessions lined up for you:


On Tuesday, December 10, you can warm yourself up by discussing the advantages and challenges of an IT Balanced Scorecard in “The IT Balanced Scorecard: make it matter with HP IT Executive Scorecard”.


On Wednesday, December 11, you can then join TTNET, the largest internet provider in Turkey, to understand what key performance and quality indicators (KPIs/KQIs) they implemented to improve service operations, resolve customer behavior problems and drill into the underlying root causes – all with IT Executive Scorecard.


Alternatively, you could meet the IT Executive Scorecard R&D team to explain to you the latest enhancements. Then, still on Wednesday, you can hear from four different IT organizations – from chocolates to credit cards – how they managed to align IT with the business using the IT Executive Scorecard.


Finally, on Thursday, December 12 you would be to learn what the IT Value Chain is and how it can deliver the capability and performance your business needs to win. This is followed by a session on understanding by what means you could improve the control over your IT service lifecycle – especially in terms of your IT service cost and performance.


The sessions at a glance:












The IT Balanced Scorecard:   make it matter with HP IT Executive Scorecard   

Dec 10, 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Discussion Forum DF4.3, Hall 4


Improving operations at   TTNET using HP IT Service Management and HP Executive Scorecard

11, 9:00 AM -   10:00 AM

Room B07, Hall 8.0


Meet the product team: HP   IT Executive Scorecard

Dec 11, 9:50   AM - 10:20 AM

Discussion Forum DF4.3, Hall 4


End-to-end IT management   with the HP IT Executive Scorecard: a business approach

Dec 11, 10:30   AM - 11:30 AM

Room D07, Hall 8.0


Five secrets every   business leader (and CIO) should know about IT management

Dec 12, 9:00   AM - 10:00 AM

Room D06, Hall 8.0


Regain control of your IT   service lifecycle

Dec 12, 10:30   AM - 11:30 AM

Room C03, Hall 8.0

Robert Kreher
Business Development Manager | Hewlett Packard Enterprise | Software
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Senior Principal Business Consultant and Evangelist for making IT matter to the business, Robert has helped numerous customers over the last nearly 20 years to achieve gains in both efficiency and effectiveness in their IT processes, whether through projects, on stage, through coaching or as senior advisor.

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