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At HP Discover 2012, find out how you can navigate the Road to 2020


By Dan Wood



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One of the exciting things about being in information technology is that we must constantly challenge ourselves to look forward and ask questions about the future—the future of technology, the world and the enterprise. How will the enterprise evolve by 2020? What role will technology play in our day-to-day lives? And what trends will shape our world between now and 2020?


Enterprise 20/20 is a pan-HP initiative focused on driving conversations with the industry around the forces transforming our world, technology and business. Five ebook chapters are now available for download:




If you haven’t joined the conversation yet, check out the latest chapters and the Discussion Hub now.


They feature perspectives from IT leaders and experts from around the world, including Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm; Andy Lark, CMO and Chief Online Officer, Commonwealth Bank; Porter Gale, marketing consultant and former CMO Virgin America; Stephen DeWitt, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise Group at HP; along with many others.


At the same time, community members from around the world are driving thought-provoking conversations in the Enterprise 20/20 Discussion Hub.


At HP Discover 2012, we’ll publish volume one of the first-ever crowd-sourced book about the future of the enterprise — with our collective vision for the CIO, the dev center, the marketing department, the IT operations center and the employee of 2020. During the conference, we’ll bring Enterprise 20/20 to life in the HP Discover Zone with discussions around the enterprise of the future by showcasing HP customer VisionaryX, a leading digital marketing company, based in Germany. We are proud to showcase them at HP Discover as an example of a business on the Road to 2020.


VisionaryX was founded in 2010 as a developer of games for mobile devices, generating revenue from selling in-game advertising. HP Enterprise Group solutions have enabled rapid growth and the business has expanded its offerings to now include transforming applications for mobile delivery for other businesses and creating online advertising solutions for media companies.


Three simple numbers express the VisionaryX story in the most powerful way

  • 5 million users
  • Exposed to over 20 million online ad impressions
  • Zero datacenter infrastructure owned


VisionaryX is a true technology-enabled enterprise. HP Cloud solutions have enabled the company to focus on core revenue generating activities without the distraction and capital outlay of building internal IT infrastructure. Cloud-bursting allows them to meet and make money from surges in demand for a new game.


HP Information Optimization solutions deliver insights into users’ locations, device types, and clickstreams, all contributing to stronger in-game advertising hit rates.


And with a business model focused on mobile users, and built on a mosaic of cloud based IT services HP Security solutions enable VisionaryX to operate with confidence.


HP is developing a vision for the technology-enabled enterprise of the future with our Enterprise 20/20 community.


Join the conversation—and join us in the HP Discover Zone for Enterprise 20/20 discussions around the enterprise of the future and see demos of innovations that can help you today, on your Road to 2020.


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CIO 20/20

2012-12-05 11:30:00

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Enterprise 20/20

2012-12-04 17:00:00



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2012-12-06 12:00:00


We look forward to seeing you in Frankfurt!



Dan Wood is one of the founding members of the Enterprise 20/20 team. He has a passion for investigating and explaining how technology can drive business performance and sustainability.  He has spent 14 yrs at HP in a variety of product management, product marketing, and business development roles. When he’s not working he’s out running trying to improve on his half-marathon time.

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