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Autonomy keynote at HP Discover: Finding meaning in data


autonomykeynote.jpgIn business, finding information is only half the battle: You also need to take action on that information. To do that, business users need to have easy access to information in a way that helps them make better decisions. That was the message from Stouffer Egan, CEO, U.S., of Autonomy, who spoke at HP Discover in a keynote called “The biggest transition in the history of IT.”


Autonomy’s approach to information can help businesses manage interactions with customers (through mobile, web, and social media touchpoints, but also through audio files from customer service calls, for example). And while Autonomy’s offerings help businesses achieve competitive advantage through harnessing their information, they can also help businesses manage the risk their information poses, with solutions for ediscovery, data archiving and records.


The technology behind these capabilities is able to catch the subtleties in communication that more structured systems often miss. “Nobody writes in an email, I’m committing fraud,” Egan said. “You have to look at meaning, not keywords.”


That critical distinction between meaning and keywords lies at the heart of Autonomy’s IDOL10 platform, which combines structured and unstructured data and makes it available to the business.


As an Autonomy sales director explained to me later, “We’re searching for concepts.” This director walked me through the conceptual underpinnings of the IDOL platform, explaining that it grew out of sophisticated mathematical models having to do with probability applied to text. The 150 algorithms used in IDOL allow you to identify patterns in information and deliver results based on probability.


What does this mean for your business? For companies interested in meaning-based marketing, something like Autonomy Promote gives you insights you can use to attract and retain customers. With that kind of information, organizations can make better decisions, enabling results like these:

  • Delta Airlines achieving increased sales of $30 million
  • Toshiba decreasing customer service costs by $1.9 million
  • increasing click-throughs by 350%
  • Avaya increasing customer satisfaction from 59% to 79%


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